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7 September 2022

Top 3 Totara training recommendations

Jonny McAlister

Jonny McAlister

Head of Customer Experience

We recommend focusing your Totara training in these areas to get the most out of your learning management system.

Totara Learn is a powerful LMS. The level of features and functionality, the depth of data available and the multiple ways of achieving the outcomes you need can be mind-boggling if you’re new to Totara.

The basics are very easy to achieve, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. To get the most value from your new LMS — and the biggest return on your organisation’s investment — we strongly recommend undertaking some Totara training.

There are a few key areas in which we would suggest Totara training is needed.

1. Totara training for administrators

Any new technology raises a lot of questions when it is introduced. In the case of a new Totara Learn LMS, those questions will be directed to you and your fellow administrators. If you don’t have the answers, that’s going to cause frustration and make your life harder as you work towards high levels of engagement with your LMS.

We recommend that all of your admins complete Totara administration training. We offer a hands-on and wide-ranging course that gets you up to speed with various aspects of Totara admin.

We look at all the key factors in managing, configuring and optimising your LMS. You’ll be trained on things like course management, user management, roles management, monitoring, hierarchies, organisational structures, reporting, customisation, system settings, security, performance, backup and restore, maintenance and networking.

This will make you a well-rounded Totara administrator, which has two key benefits. Firstly, when those questions start to arrive, you’ll know the answers or at least know where to look to find them. Secondly, your broad knowledge of Totara admin will help you to triage — or maybe even solve — any issues that are raised before you resort to using your support hours.

2. Totara training for course management

Another key area of Totara training is course management. We’d suggest your educators, trainers and mentors complete training to help them understand how to create, manage and maintain their courses using LMS.

For the best learning outcomes, you will want your trainers to have good levels of knowledge. As well as making life easier for them, it also makes life easier for you. Having fewer queries to field will mean more time to focus your learning and development resources on other things.

So, what will your educators need to know? Our Totara course management training is a two-day course that starts with an introduction to Totara and the essentials of using the platform. On the first day, we also look at functionality and features such as courses and categories, uploading learning materials, editing HTML, forums, RSS feeds, communication, calendar, users, grade book and assignments. On day two, we deliver training on quizzes, lessons, SCORM, wikis, glossaries, databases, working with groups, monitoring, conditional activities, progress monitoring, roles, backup and restore. 

As you can see, it’s a comprehensive introduction to managing courses within Totara. It’s also worth pointing out that it is Totara training, not a lecture, so your educators will be using the platform and building their experience of using the features mentioned.

3. Totara consultancy

Our final recommendation when it comes to Totara training is targeted consultancy. This could be for initial configuration and planning to work out exactly how your organisation can get the most out of Totara. Some L&D teams fall into the trap of assuming this has to be their remit. But if you’re still getting to grips with administration and course management it makes sense to get extra guidance on how to bring it all together for your organisation. You’ll know the ‘why?’ and ‘what?’ of your new LMS, but there’s no expectation that you will know the ‘how?’.

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