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26 September 2022

Moodle App: top benefits of Moodle’s native mobile experience

Kenny McCormack

Kenny McCormack

Senior Solutions Architect

How the Moodle App delivers the freedom and the technology to learn anywhere

They say old habits die hard. The world of learning and development is no exception to that idiom. While online learning is now widespread, it’s still viewed as a desk-based office activity. Sometimes that makes sense for learners, but often it doesn’t.

Organisations who are using Moodle LMS but not yet using the native Moodle App are missing a trick in this regard. A native mobile experience helps to deliver better online learning outcomes for individual learners and the organisation as a whole. Let’s take a look at how the Moodle App benefits organisations like yours.

Learn anywhere

With the Moodle App, everywhere is a possible learning space. Natural lulls in the working day. Killing time before the 11.30am meeting kicks off at 11.42am. A few spare minutes on the sofa in the evening. Your learners can complete their learning at a time and place that suits them. With the ‘always-on’ learning of a mobile app, your LMS is always easily accessible in each learner’s pocket.

Seamless learning experiences

Learning that starts at a desk can be completed on mobile. And vice versa. There’s effortless switching between site and app to ensure learners can always learn where it’s most convenient and without missing a beat. With QR code logins it’s even easier for learners to swiftly move between devices.

Offline learning

The Moodle App includes SCORM files for offline learning. Patchy WiFi, plane journeys or off-the-beaten-path locations with no 3G — nothing can stand between your learners and their learning. When they get their internet connection, their progress on the Moodle App will automatically sync with your LMS. That’s true regardless of whether they’re on a short-haul flight to Heathrow or a six-week tour of a country with unreliable internet connectivity.

Mandatory learning notifications

Any L&D professional knows that convincing learners that mandatory learning is precisely that is easier said than done. With the Moodle App at your disposal, the cat-herding approach of bringing learners to mandatory learning will be behind you. Using the app, you can send compliance-boosting notifications directly to the phones of your learners to remind them to complete required courses.

Incredible value

There’s a free version of the Moodle App, and even the premium versions have no subscription fees when hosted with a Moodle Certified Partner like Synergy Learning. But when you consider the ease with which you can increase learner engagement using the app, it would be an investment worth making even if you were paying full annual subscriptions fees.

Try the Moodle App

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