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8 December 2022

Totara 17: New features and reasons to upgrade

Kenny McCormack

Kenny McCormack

Senior Solutions Architect

Totara 17 is here so let’s take a look at the key new features it offers to your organisation.

The latest major release of Totara Talent Experience Platform (TXP) — Totara 17 — arrived at the start of November 2022.

Totara 17 is the second TXP major release of 2022 and brings with it an array of improvements to performance management. While there are new features across the entire platform, it is Totara Perform that is treated to many of the headline new features of Totara 17.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that upgrading to Totara 17 will improve your performance management processes, as well as the other key features of this new version.

Improved performance activity dashboard UX

Totara 17 brings an upgraded performance activity dashboard user experience within Totara Perform. Learners and admins alike benefit from being able to see a quick overview of their current performance activities. More detailed insights are just one click away. That means it’s now easy to review your own and other people’s performance activities at a glance.

For appraisals and feedback forms, an enhanced navigation side panel shows your current stage of the process, the next stage and more key navigation information.

Easier participant response exports

Administrators can now export participant response data in CSV or Excel format, or view responses within a live report.

Bulk creation of competency achievement paths

Once you have created a competency achievement path — the requirements for a learner to achieve a particular proficiency level or competency — in Totara Perform, you can now clone the pathway and easily apply it to other competencies within the same framework. This saves an enormous amount of time that would previously have been spent on creating very similar paths for different competencies.

Centralised performance notifications 

Performance notifications — which were previously created directly within Totara Perform — are now created using Totara 17’s centralised notification system. As a result, it’s now easier than ever to reach learners with customised, personalised and multi-language notifications specific to their performance activities.

More layout options 

Improvements to Totara TXP’s Weka text editor provide a range of new layout options. Features include multiple columns, simpler image resizing and captioning and new text styles. It’s easier than ever to present information in a way that makes sense for the learning your users are sharing.

Multi-recipient notifications

Using the centralised notifications system, you can now send a single notification to multiple recipients. This saves time that would previously have been spent on creating a single notification for each recipient.

Notifications logging tools

It’s easier to monitor which notifications have been sent and received due to improved logging tools in Totara 17. Track and report on notification activity across the site, or by specific users or activities, to ensure all administrators, managers and learners are getting the information they need.

New external API

With Totara 17’s new and improved API, it’s now easier to integrate TXP with other key systems in use across your organisation. This allows you to create a seamless learner experience and streamlined admin processes.

Better recommendations 

Totara 17’s recommendations engine, the Machine Learning Service, has been developed to deliver improved course, workspace and microlearning recommendations to learners.

Interested in upgrading to Totara 17?

If you’d like to see those new features put to use in your organisation, feel free to fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss your options for upgrading to Totara 17.



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