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2 June 2022

Kuehne + Nagel

Supporting Kuehne + Nagel’s balancing act of delivering quality training to a large number of employees engaged in an array of roles across various heavily regulated industries.

Saving 500,000 hours of face-to-face training for Kuehne + Nagel

Kuehne + Nagel is a leading global transport and logistics company. It employs more than 78,000 people in around 1,300 offices across 106 countries. Its staff operate across several business units — including sea, air, road and rail logistics — which each have multiple sub-units.

The result is a widespread workforce operating in a diverse range of roles in different — often highly regulated — industries, with an equally diverse range of training requirements.

The company’s existing e-learning platform was inflexible and not equipped to manage the complexity of Kuehne + Nagel’s structure. We were tasked with delivering a new logistics LMS e-learning platform that would:

  • Support the large number of concurrent users created by the size of Kuehne + Nagel’s operations.
  • Manage access to different areas of learning by audiences.
  • Help Kuehne + Nagel to transition from predominantly face-to-face learning to more online learning.
  • Simplify the structure and user experiences for Kuehne + Nagel employees.
  • Provide a centralised hub for all of the organisation’s training.

A flexible corporate LMS for a complex structure

We immediately earmarked Totara Learn as the platform with the scalability and flexibility to match Kuehne + Nagel’s requirements.

All of Kuehne + Nagel’s mandatory training — including health and safety, legal and security training — is now delivered via Totara Learn. This not only represents a saving in training costs and resources, but also affords the company the additional legal protection of an expanded and easily auditable company-wide mandatory training programme.

Beyond the learning undertaken by all employees, there is an assortment of training that reflects the variety of roles and industries in which Kuehne + Nagel staff operate. We created a catalogue of courses that covers everything from straightforward IT tasks through to shipping goods with very specific transportation requirements. There are now more than 5,000 courses available to Kuehne + Nagel staff, and that figure is growing all the time.

Totara Learn’s dynamic audience management means that each employee sees only the courses that are relevant to their role, which makes for less cluttered dashboards and better user experiences.

It is not only the course catalogue that is in a process of continuous improvement. As Kuehne + Nagel’s business units become increasingly familiar with Totara Learn, they are able to request customisations that will benefit their learners and help them to realise their vision for online learning within their area of the business. This includes things like integrating external regulator training with the LMS, so that all learning is in one place and compliance can be managed more easily by Kuehne + Nagel.

The result is a corporate e-learning site with the flexibility to support Kuehne + Nagel’s diverse business portfolio and the multitude of different roles within it.

More than 2 million online course completions

  1. Kuehne + Nagel now has a centralised hub for all its training data. Complex audits of organisation-wide mandatory training and specialised role-based learning are housed in one place and easily auditable — delivering a huge financial saving across the organisation.
  2. Visits to Kuehne + Nagel’s LMS have doubled year-on-year for each of the last three years, with around 2 million sessions in 2021. There were more than 50,000 unique logins in the past three months, which demonstrates the increasing levels of buy-in throughout all areas of the business as the benefits of the platform become clear.
  3. There have been 2.5 million course completions on the platform to date. At an average session time of 12 minutes, this represents up to 500,000 hours of time and resources saved on face-to-face training sessions.

“We were impressed with Synergy Learning’s very thorough knowledge of Totara. That definitely tipped the scales in their favour when it came to choosing a Totara Partner. Both sides are open and flexible, and we understand how the other works. It is going great, we’ve made excellent progress and we continue to move in a good direction.”

Laura Haavik | Product Lead LearningKN (LMS) | Kuehne + Nagel


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