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Explore the limitless possibilities of a flexible, extendable and bespoke learning management platform that adapts to manage the learning you want to deliver.

Make e-learning easier with Totara Learn and Synergy Learning 

Deliver transformational, engaging and effective learning to develop your people, increase compliance levels and improve employee retention.

Totara Learn is a powerful and adaptive learning management system that makes it simple to automate your training, compliance and extend the development of your team. When you partner with us, we’ll ensure the platform is doing everything possible to get the results your organisation needs.

We are proud to have held Platinum Alliance Partner status since 2011 and in that time have worked with many corporate businesses and organisations to produce workplace learning platforms using Totara Learn. Due to our long-standing partnership with Totara, you can be sure to receive the highest level of support, knowledge and service with your Totara Learn platform.

How Totara Learn will empower your organisation

We’re here to help

Whether it’s about upgrading your current platform, starting from scratch with an LMS of your choice or you need guidance on where to begin, we’ll be happy to help!

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Tailored to you

We’ll harness all the power of the Totara platform to provide an LMS that’s perfect for how you work. You’ll have total control over the look, feel and functionality.

Effective, efficient training

Deliver training and make learning and development available anywhere, anytime and on any device. No more wasted days spent travelling to HQ.

Pinpoint skills gaps

Keep track of which team members hold relevant skills, so you can immediately see who’s up to the task, identify skills gaps in your team and improve succession planning.

Compliance made easy

Increase your organisation’s compliance levels with automated reminders for refresher courses and other recurring training requirements.

Simple seminar management

Ditch time-sapping admin in favour of automated booking, easy live event management and engaging blended learning.

Structured like your organisation

Use multi-tenancy to create a separate, customised site for each division or subsidiary within a single installation. Create team dashboards for managers and assign tasks only to relevant groups.

Bespoke, automated pathways

Create automated learning pathways, so each of your learners is assigned learning that’s tailored to their role, experience and skills.

Track development

Test your team’s knowledge with easy-to-use assessments, then monitor scores and completion rates using Totara Learn’s powerful reporting and data visualisation interface.

Any device, any time

With Totara Learn’s new native mobile app, your learners can complete courses on their phones at a time that suits them.

Exploit Totara in its totality

To get the maximum benefit from your new LMS it’s advisable to work with a Totara Partner — like us — to ensure the design, user experience, functionality, hosting, support and integrations are all geared up to deliver exactly what you need.

Trusted partners

We’re Platinum Totara Partners. We’ve been working with Totara since 2011 and manage more than 200 Totara sites for organisations like yours. We know the platform inside-out and will bring this know-how to your project.

We use it and build it

As well as developing more than 1200 Totara sites, we’re also involved in contributing code  to extend the functionality offered. We can develop features for you when we spot a need, creating bespoke functionality solely for your platform if what you need doesn’t exist already.

eLearning specialists

We’ve been delivering learning technology since 2005. Over that time, we’ve built a strong understanding of what works, which will complement your in-depth understanding of your organisational needs.

Open and versatile

Like the platform itself, we’re open and versatile. We think Totara Learn’s great, as is Moodle Workplace. We’ll listen to what you need and help you to decide what’s right for your business.

Exactly what you need

Different organisations operate in different ways, so we will deliver an LMS that’s perfectly suited to how you do things.

Engaging learning experiences

We create smooth, intuitive journeys around learning systems. Our designers will craft an exciting, responsive design that’s guided by your brand and your team’s needs.

Services we can help with.


You shouldn’t have to bend your organisation to fit the technology, that’s where we come in.If it’s creating a specific feature your unique needs or integrating with other systems, we are here to help extend your ecosystem, not create a separate one


Let’s make it as easy as possible for your learners to get the information they need. We’ll design simple, engaging journeys around your learning platform. Expect great design that also encapsulates your brand.


We provide a fully managed service with 99.9% uptime, ensuring your site is available 24/7. We take the worry out of hosting, allowing you to focus on what’s most important for your users.


Stuck on a specific issue? Want a second opinion in troubleshooting? Make us the point of contact for your administrators when they need support the most. We’ll promptly tackle queries of all sizes to keep your learners learning.

& Training

Everyone aspires to provide effective, efficient and engaging online learning, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution.. We can help you map out and implement your platform to get maximum results with minimal effort from you.


We’ll work with you to source and provide the best e-learning content for your learners. Save money with access to content marketplaces so you can offer a variety of content topics and provide learning as quickly as possible.

We’re here to help.

Whether it’s about upgrading your current platform, starting from scratch with an LMS of your choice or you need guidance on where to begin, we’ll be happy to help!

Request a callback. It’s easy!

Whether it’s about upgrading your current platform, starting from scratch with an LMS of your choice or you need guidance on where to begin, we’ll be happy to help!


We’ve helped some of the world’s best companies to build forward thinking learning solutions

Sharing our wealth of real world LMS & e-learning expertise to support you on your journey towards excellence in learning.

Working with Synergy Learning has been an unquestionably great experience. They are so helpful, very friendly, laid back, and there’s no pressure to buy. You know you are working with a team of experts: I always get really sound advice and fantastic insights. Errors are always fixed in next to no time, and their ways of working are so fluid yet so seamless. I would strongly recommend working with Synergy Learning.

Darren Rungapadiachy

Learning Technologies Manager

This year’s full platform refresh gives our users what they’ve been asking for and more: a significantly upgraded learning experience across web and app, bite-sized learning content that makes learning even more fun and engaging and a points system that rewards them for their investment in the platform. We’re really proud of this work, and we are excited to build on this year’s innovations going forward.

Mike Edwards

Retail & Contact Centre Director

Synergy Learning was brilliant – really knowledgeable, approachable and friendly. They were very professional in how they interpreted what we wanted to achieve and guided us on the best way to fulfil that, as well as helping us overcome barriers along the way. The result has been really good engagement among our learners and senior management.

Kay Collier

Head of Academy

We were impressed with Synergy Learning’s very thorough knowledge of Totara. That definitely tipped the scales in their favour when it came to choosing a Totara Partner. Both sides are open and flexible, and we understand how the other works. It is going great, we’ve made excellent progress and we continue to move in a good direction

Laura Haavik

Product Lead LearningKN (LMS)

Sometimes you expect to be able to work with a platform straight out-of-the-box, but there are always quirks when it comes to adapting to your systems. Synergy Learning were instrumental for us in providing the development and consultancy we needed.

Tomas Lionikas

Senior Manager for Global Agent Training

Synergy Learning is always really responsive. The team is very approachable and communicative – they reach out to me a lot and stay in contact even when we don’t have ongoing work. Given a short deadline, they are always able to work to really tight timelines. They’re also very flexible when those timelines change.

Caroline Quane

Global Learning Technologies Manager

+ many, many more. Including:


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