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8 July 2022

How Moodle training will help you get more from your LMS

Kenny McCormack

Kenny McCormack

Senior Solutions Architect

Maximise your return on investment in your LMS by taking Moodle training.

One of the great things about Moodle is that it’s so accessible. Since it’s a flexible, affordable, open-source learning management system, many people fall into the trap of thinking they should be able to muddle through with it by themselves. Don’t be one of those people.

Just because it’s flexible, affordable and open-source doesn’t change the fact that it will be an important piece of software for your organisation. As such, you should treat it the same way as any other software procured by your organisation, and that means being trained on how to use it and get the most out of it.

Why do I need Moodle training?

As we mentioned in the title, Moodle training will help you to get more from your LMS in a few key areas. These include:

Being an advocate for your LMS

You and your fellow Moodle administrators need to be advocates for your new LMS. You want everyone in the organisation to engage with the platform and have confidence in its value.

So, when someone in your organisation has a question about Moodle LMS, you need to have the answer. If you don’t have the answer to simple questions that will call your Moodle knowledge into question. And if your Moodle knowledge is being doubted, that undermines confidence in the LMS.

Far better to complete some training, build your knowledge, and have answers to those questions so you can become an advocate for your LMS.

Saving support and consultancy fees

The last thing you want after launching a new Moodle LMS is to quickly burn through your support hours or rack up consultancy fees dealing with relatively simple queries or problems.

Investing in training will give you some self-sufficiency. You will be able to solve problems by yourself, delegate by instructing others on how to solve them, and have a better idea of when expert Moodle support or consultancy is really needed.

Saving admin time

Moodle training cuts admin time in a couple of different ways. Firstly, the better you know the platform, the quicker you can navigate your way round doing administrative tasks. Less time on Moodle admin, more time on other things.

Secondly, if you’re proficient in Moodle, you can share your knowledge with other administrators and educators. Not only does this minimise their dependence on you (dramatically reducing your time spent fielding enquiries from colleagues), it also means they can complete Moodle tasks more quickly, reducing the administrative burden across your organisation.

What type of Moodle training can I take?

Moodle training is not one-size-fits-all. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on what you need to get out of it. Here are a few examples:

Moodle Administrator Training

As its name suggests Moodle Administrator Training is training for Moodle administrators. This typically means getting you and your fellow administrators up to speed with every aspect of running a Moodle LMS site. Depending on your organisation’s requirements it could cover things like adding and managing users, course administration, and Moodle reporting.

Moodle Course Management

Moodle Course Management training is much more focused on creating, managing and updating Moodle courses. Since this training is more targeted than administrator training, it can be completed by educators, department heads and any other team members who will be in charge of delivering learning content. Training educators in being able to take care of their own learning content always pays dividends in terms of saving time, money and resources across the organisation.

Bespoke Moodle Training

Perhaps you plan to use Moodle LMS in a very specific way. Maybe you have team members who will be responsible for particular aspects of the LMS. Or maybe you need an in-depth refresher course in a particular Moodle feature. In cases such as those, a bespoke training session that gets to the very heart of how you’re using Moodle will be the best option.

Do you need training?

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