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21 July 2022

Using an LMS to train new leaders in your organisation

Jonny McAlister

Jonny McAlister

Head of Customer Experience

Your online learning platform can develop a new generation of leaders within your organisation. Let’s look at ways of using an LMS to train new leaders.

No organisation can survive for long without good leadership — so how do you ensure that your team is never short of leaders to steer it towards future successes?

One way is to use your LMS to train new leaders in your organisation. Your online learning platform is a powerful tool for shaping your people and the organisation as a whole. Developing new leaders is no exception.

High standards of leadership often come at a premium, but you can offset that by growing your own leaders in-house.

Here are some ways of using an LMS to train new leaders.


Leadership programme

Starting with the most obvious approach, you can use your LMS to develop and deliver a leadership training programme. This could be targeted to those you’ve earmarked as future leaders or be open to anyone who aspires to a managerial role.

Many of our customers use their LMS to manage leadership or management training programmes. These operate in a similar way to any other courses on the LMS, with course content and assessment


Leadership soft skills

You can start training new leaders without necessarily saying that’s what you’re doing by introducing courses that help your people to build the soft skills and interpersonal attributes that will serve them well immediately, but especially as they take on increased responsibility.

Your LMS is the ideal way to help your team improve their listening, negotiation, persuasion, problem solving, conflict management, collaboration skills.


Growing culture

An obvious advantage of promoting leaders from within your organisation is that you are appointing people who are steeped in your work culture. Using a performance management platform like Totara Perform, you can create a culture of continuous improvement that permeates throughout the organisation.

Learning experience platform Totara Engage gives you the tools to help managers, team leaders and others easily share their knowledge throughout the organisation.


Encouraging engagement

Continuing with Totara Engage — and furthering the point about leaders who are steeped in your organisation — collaboration workspaces, gamification of learning, learning playlists and AI learning recommendations are some of the ways in which Totara Engage encourages your people to engage with their colleagues and the organisation as a whole. Detailed analytics will show you who has wholeheartedly embraced that (and, just as importantly, who hasn’t).


Skills gaps

Your LMS reports, and particularly the reporting within Totara Perform, will help you to identify skills on an individual and organisational level. You can use that information to iron out any deficiencies in a potential candidate’s skill set or to address any blindspots in your leadership team.


Finding the best candidates

Having followed those steps, you can also use your LMS to find the best candidates for leadership roles when they arise. Our customers Kuehne + Nagel use course completion data from Totara Learn and some custom artificial intelligence (AI) to identify internal candidates for jobs. You could use the competencies and skills gap tracking in Totara Perform to do a similar job.


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