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Meet the clean, responsive Totara and Moodle theme that makes it incredibly easy to treat your learners to the highest standards of UX design.

It really is this simple…

What is Spark?

Big improvements to user experience, big savings on development costs.

Take your LMS – not your spend – to the next level with a smart LMS theme available exclusively to Synergy Learning customers.

Spark gives you clean, intuitive UX design and a series of time-saving integrations as standard, plus a selection of premium add-ons to choose from. Get all the features and functionality you need within a theme that’s designed to spark increased engagement among your learners.

How Spark improves user experience

A really flexible LMS theme

We’ve created a Moodle theme and Totara theme that delivers highly engaging user experiences without blowing your budget out of the water. Here are the features we’ve developed to boost UX for your learners.

Fresh looks

Easy on the eye and easy to use. Spark’s clean design gives you an ultra-modern LMS that’s simple and enjoyable for your learners to find their way around.

Versatile layout

Get an LMS theme that works for how you do things. With Spark’s customisable architecture, you’ll have total control to put everything exactly where you need it to be.

Bespoke feel

Spark gives you greater freedom over the look and feel of your LMS. Everything’s easily editable within the theme settings, including custom typography.

Easy analytics

Simple integration with Google Analytics gives you valuable insights into how users are engaging with your LMS. Build valuable data to fine tune your UX over time.

Responsive LMS theme

Deliver a consistent user experience across all devices with a responsive LMS theme that’s compatible with Totara, Moodle and Moodle Workplace.

Premium add-ons

Get the functionality you need for your LMS without burning all of your budget on custom coding with the help of Spark’s premium features and straightforward integrations.

Packed with useful features and integrations


Drive learners to your courses with an array of e-learning marketing tools, including a versatile slider with a call-to-action button, marketing and promotion spots that can be placed around your LMS, and other upselling tools.


Spark’s Team Chart add-on gives line managers an at-a-glance overview of their team members’ progress, while the custom Overdue Respondents block allows trainers to monitor and prompt learners who have not completed courses or feedback.


Hook up your theme to Google Analytics and the core features of Moodle or Totara to save valuable time for administrators and managers, while also delivering a better learning experience for learners.


Spark’s Intuitive dashboards make for a highly personalised learning experience. Upcoming courses, stats and achievements, and bookmarked activities are just a few examples of custom data you can display for each of your learners.


With our custom slides add-on, FAQ block, featured content and video tools, you can put the things that really matter in front of your learners. Give an extra push to mandatory courses or save time by quickly sharing key information.


Each user’s courses can be featured on their dashboard, with the option to return to their most recently accessed course at the click of a button. With certificates and performance stats also featured, everything is geared towards engaging your learners.

We’re here to help

Whether it’s about upgrading your current platform, starting from scratch with an LMS of your choice or you need guidance on where to begin, we’ll be happy to help!

Making your budget stretch further

Drawing on our experience of building hundreds of Moodle and Totara sites since 2005, we’ve developed a suite of tools to provide much of the additional functionality that we’ve seen deliver impressive results for our customers. Instead of eating into your budget as bespoke development projects, these are now available to use with the Spark theme.

Promoting key courses

Whether you’re improving compliance levels among your team or upselling courses to customers, Spark gives you all the tools you need to succeed. With blocks to showcase featured courses and videos, slides with clickable buttons, testimonials and upcoming events, plus versatile marketing spots, you’ll have plenty of ways to grab your learners’ attention and point them in the direction.

Boosting morale

Keep your learners engaged with the help of Spark’s morale-boosting premium features. Display certificates, badges and course stats on each user’s dashboard to give them a motivational (and memory-jotting) overview of their achievements to date, while also encouraging them to keep working towards their next goal.

Giving users an easier life

As well as all the UX enhancements that come as standard, you can use Spark add-ons to make life even easier for your learners. Users can bookmark important activities to appear in their dashboard, instantly see all their current courses and pick up where they left off by immediately returning to their most recently accessed course.

Keeping learners in the loop

Create a beautiful blog within Moodle or Totara, then display your latest news articles, blog posts and events on your LMS homepage so your learners can keep track of what’s happening. Display post titles, introductions or descriptions and featured images within an automatically transitioning carousel.

Distilling what we know works

Some of the most important aspects of our work include a strong focus on UX design, making budgets go further by encouraging the use of tried and tested add-ons, and future-proofing sites by keeping the amount of custom development involved to a minimum. Spark delivers all that in a single LMS theme that’s available exclusively to our customers.

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Whether it’s about upgrading your current platform, starting from scratch with an LMS of your choice or you need guidance on where to begin, we’ll be happy to help!